About us

Founded in 1983, Retirement Security Limited (RSL) operates a unique retirement property ownership and management model: one dedicated, within the bounds of commercial necessities, to putting the interests of its apartment owners, above all others.

Today, there are 32 courts with Retirement Security cas freeholder, across the country – 26 of which are managed by RSL. The company has a staff of some fourteen people, all of whom are based at its offices in Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire.

  • Retirement Security Ltd is the freeholder of all the Courts and a profit-making company with several hundred shareholders.
  • The individual Courts are managed by not-for-profit companies owned entirely by the owners at each Court.
  • Retirement Security Ltd has a management agreement with 26 of the Courts to provide clearly specified services to them.

As the then Director of Social Services in Warwickshire, our Chairman and founder, Bob Bessell, recognised that many retired people considering residential and nursing care homes wanted a better alternative, one that kept them in control of their daily life and finances. He established Retirement Security to provide that alternative, an option which enables retirees to retain their independence, to live in their own property and enjoy a strong and supportive community life.

Service managers

Our service managers team offers support to all
our courts, owners and board of directors

Stratford support team

Angela Jones Administration Assistant

Nick Payne Administration Assistant

Mike Prince Financial Controller

Executive Directors

Bob Bessell Chairman

Nick Chriscoli Estates Director