A unique idea

Margaret Court lounge Stratford Upon Avon

Margaret Court lounge

There are many types of retirement property but our approach is unique. We aim to enable retired people to retain their independence for the whole of their lives and preserve their capital in the process.

It’s a concept that has been proven over more than 25 years. The vast majority of our owners find that their needs can be met for the remainder of their life and they spend significantly less time in hospital or nursing care than the average population of people of the same age.

And, when it comes to getting help with care costs from the local authority, because you are staying in your own home the equity in it cannot be taken into account when the contribution that you must make is being assessed. That means your equity is preserved and can be passed on to your heirs.

How is it done?

  • All our owners live independently in their own, self contained apartment or bungalow and they come and go as they please, but when they need help it is on hand immediately.
  • All the courts are carefully designed so that you can get around easily even if you were to use a wheelchair. Even though this is rare, many owners have mobility problems which are significantly eased by the design both of the communal areas and the private dwellings.
  • The levels of staffing and services available are much greater than you would find in traditional sheltered housing.
  • A hot meal is available every day in the courts comfortable dining room and if you are not well it can be served in your own property.
  • The management of each court is controlled by the owners, for the owners.