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RSL Company Statement

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to develop, the safety and wellbeing of the Owners and staff in all of our developments remains our key focus.
Our Owners choose to live at our Courts so they can remain independent whilst having the advantage of the services and support provided by a dedicated team of people, on site 24 hours a day.
Each of our Courts is run by a Court Manager and an elected Board of Directors, made up of Owners. An experienced team of RSL Services Managers provides day-to-day support and assistance so all decisions are taken with the full co-operation of the Board who represent the interests of their fellow Owners.
The nature of Corona Virus and its rapid spread means that people over retirement age are at the most high risk. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have focussed on keeping up to date with the latest advice from the Government and Public Health England, which has enabled us to put robust measures in place to minimise the risk to Owners and staff so that vital support can safely remain in place.

Structure and Support
Following Government advice we have implemented social distancing by equipping and enabling our office staff to continue supporting on-site staff from home.
All on-site staff are classified as Key Workers and are able to continue providing direct support to our Owners. Anyone with symptoms such as a cough or fever will self-isolate in accordance with Government guidelines.
On-site staff know who the most vulnerable people in their Courts are and are able to provide more specific support to them during this period of isolation.

Supplies and Services
Although RSL provides independent living, the ancillary services we provide mean we are to deliver meals via a tray service to those who are in need. Our Court Managers have excellent local knowledge and have made arrangements with suppliers for safe delivery of food and medicines. Our Owners are reassured that there is someone available on site 24 hours a day – we do not want anyone in our Courts to feel isolated.

Robust Measures
In addition to standard cleansing measures such as hand-washing and sanitizing notices and products across all Courts we have restricted all non-essential visitors. Necessary visitors are required to thoroughly wash and sanitise their hands on arrival and are asked to declare whether they have recently returned from travel or been in contact with anyone with symptoms.
All activity in the communal areas has been suspended and deep cleansing of these areas has been increased and Personal Protective Equipment for staff is available and more is being delivered

Communications and Contact
Our primary aim is to protect our Owners and staff by observing the rules and guidelines provided by the Government and Public Health England. The response to this evolving situation from the teams of staff at all of our Courts and the RSL employees who support them has been outstanding.
Our Services Managers are providing daily assistance and updates from Public Health England and other relevant organisations, to our Court Managers and Boards of Directors so Owners are kept fully informed of any changes and what it means for them.
We would like to thank everyone for their continued efforts to provide these essential services.
We would also like to assure staff, Owners and families that we will continue to monitor and update the information we have available and the measures we have implemented to minimise the risks in the weeks ahead.

Independence within a supportive community