Service Charge

Sensible budgets set and agreed amongst the owners at each court

Deerhurst Court gardens

Services and service charges

All courts benefit from a higher level of services than is typical for sheltered housing. These vary slightly from one court to another but usually include:

  • Duty Manager on site 24 hours a day
  • Daily check that you are ok
  • One and a half hours per week of cleaning for your apartment
  • Owner’s lounge, hobbies room and dining room with staffed kitchen serving meals – charged at cost – daily at almost all courts.
  • A laundry for washing larger items or having your washing done
  • Gardeners (often assisted by owners)
  • Guest suite maintenance (supplemented by a fair, per night, cleaning & laundry fee)
  • Building maintenance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Managing agent’s fees
  • Future Fund for Maintenance to spread large, predictable maintenance costs fairly, over decades.

Duty managers on site 24/7

Staffed kitchens at every court

Courts choose their own staff

Meals served every day

We can help you apply for Attendance Allowance

Retirement Security service managers and court managers have helped many hundreds of owners to successfully apply for Attendance Allowance so, whilst the form looks quite daunting at first, we can help you get through it in no time.

Pension Credit: a state benefit to which the value of your property is not relevant

Where applicable, the service managers and court managers can also help you to apply for Pension Credit. Pension Credit is available to many people whose savings amount to no more than £10,000. Pension Credit guarantees a minimum income for a single person who also qualifies for Attendance Allowance of around £360 per week (£1,560 per month). For couples who both also qualify for Attendance Allowance, the minimum is over £600 per week.

In contrast, elderly home owners who move to a care home have to pay the full cost of their care – rarely below £600 per week, often much more – until the value of their assets, including property, has reduced to £23,000.

All courts have an owners’ laundry

Guest Suite at Blake Court

Guest Suite at Blake Court

Margaret Court communal area Stratford Upon Avon

Piano hall at Margaret Court

Dining Room at Burcot Court

Additional services are charged at cost

Because the management of the courts is overseen by a board elected from amongst the owners, all costs are kept to a minimum and additional services are passed on at cost.

The most popular additional cost is for meals in the owners’ dining room. Most courts have kitchen staff on duty every lunchtime to serve all those who want a nutritious meal in good company. As with all additional court services, this is provided at cost – typically around £8 for an excellent three course lunch. Meals can be brought to your room, too.

Those who wish, can also have additional housekeeping and have their laundry done for them. The rates for the housekeeping staff vary according to location and experience but, again, are charged on without profit.

Care Services: 

All courts have staff who can help should you ever need to put together a care plan. They know the local specialists well, so can also help you to identify the most suitable, qualified people to care for you. You will need to pay for the services of your carers. Many courts are Care Quality Commission certified and a small number employ care staff.

Importantly, the Court Manager and his or her team are always there for you to talk to about your care services. So if there is anything about which you are uncertain or unhappy, they can help you to make it right.