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Greyfriars Court garden

Greyfriars Court: A very active owners gardening team

Some Owners like to participate in the social side of life at our courts more than others, but all like to know that it is there and enjoy daily contact with staff and fellow owners, if only in passing. Activities vary greatly from one court to another, so please ask about what goes on at the court which interests you.

Pancake Day Oaktree Court

Pancake Day Oaktree Court

Open Training Day at Bowling Green Court

Training Day at Bowling Green Court

School visit at Tiddington Court

School visit at Tiddington Court

Painting by Olive Brady Osborne Court

Painting by Olive Brady Osborne Ct

Highly popular activities include:

  • Gardening: most courts have communal gardens and many have greenhouses and other facilities.
  • Themed evening meals: a great favourite, usually based around cuisine from a particular part of the world, often tied in with an international event.
  • Art groups: watercolour painting is probably the most popular, but by no means the only medium of choice.
  • Film nights: another popular one. All courts have a licence to show films.
  • Musical performances: many courts book anything from palm court trios to rock ’n’ roll bands to perform for them. A few have their own performers.
  • Singing groups: a big, heartfelt success at the few courts which have formed them – we’d like to see more.
  • Theatre and opera trips: most courts have theatre fans who plan regular trips together.
  • Day trips: sometimes just a garden centre, sometimes further afield. Either way, it’s always more fun with friends.
  • Games: most courts have Scrabble, bridge and ‘knit & natter’ groups. Some also enjoy carpet bowls and other.

Some hold talks, with one or more owners speaking on their specialist subjects, and charity meetings and events are a regular feature at one or two courts.

For more information, please see the individual court pages.