Extra services

A restaurant meal every day is just the start

Retirement Living 24/7 support

The substantial lunchtime meal is a central social event at many courts, especially on Sundays when friends and family often come too. In addition, all courts have a laundry for larger items or if you like to have your laundry done for you, whilst a full team of cleaners and maintenance staff keep the building and gardens in good order, provide each owner with an hour and a half of housework per week, and more if desired.

The Court Manager can also help to arrange other services you may require.

Care Services: 

All courts have staff who can help should you ever need to put together a care plan. They know the local specialists well, so can also help you to identify the most suitable, qualified people to care for you. You will need to pay for the services of your carers. Many courts are Care Quality Commission certified and a small number employ care staff.

Importantly, the Court Manager and his or her team are always there for you to talk to about your care services. So if there is anything about which you are uncertain or unhappy, they can help you to make it right.