Safeguard your capital

The Retirement Security approach helps owners to safeguard their capital in several ways.

Margaret Court hobbies room and lounge

Control costs within your property and for the court

Each property has its own independent heating and utilities supply. Being equal share owners of the management company, owners also, collectively, control overall costs and ensure their court is run efficiently.

Deerhurst Court typical apartment

Deerhurst Court apartment

Saxon Court bedroom

Saxon Court bedroom

You purchase your apartment on a leasehold basis, just like any other leasehold property. This means that when you sell the property the only other consideration is a maximum 3% transfer fee payable to the freeholder (see Transparent Costs).


Your costs are often lower than before

As an owner, your monthly service charge covers many items which you now pay for separately, such as building maintenance, gardening and home help. Indeed, especially after factoring in the allowances we help and encourage all owners to claim, they are often better off, every month.

Each of our courts is a not-for-profit company, reinvesting into the up-keep and improvement of the property. Your investment remains protected.

Our priority is always value for money and helping owners to retain their hard earned capital.

It’s easier to be happier and healthier in a Retirement Security court

Freed from many day-to-day concerns and living in a more sociable environment, owners tend to be healthier and happier and stay completely independent for longer.

Reduce the likelihood of needing to move into a care home

Should you ever need extra care, all of our courts are designed to facilitate extra care through 24 hour managers on call, additional restaurant, laundry and home help services. In addition, the majority of courts are Care Quality Commission registered and can help to draw up a personal care service plan and find good quality service providers.